Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bingo – Again

Bingo time again
I am not a fan of Bingo, but it is that time of year again when we run the fund raising Bingo event.

So I have been out traipsing the streets selling tickets, well not actually traipsing the streets, I talked a couple of friends into buying some tickets and we bought the rest ourselves this year. With so much on and with such cold weather and what with it being so last minute and all - excuses, excuses, excuses.

Having said that, our cards have been relatively successful in the past, so maybe more people would have wanted to invest, had we had the time and energy. Our first year of selling, one of our tickets won the consolation prize for the second prize (sounds odd, but they have odd rules in this country) so a terrine (a little jar of pâté to you and me) went to R & G in St Ythaire and the following year one of our tickets won a cordless vacuum cleaner, which went to a chap in Luxembourg. We were buoyed up with our successes last year, so we went on a huge selling spree and as opposed to our usual 20 tickets, we managed to sell just short of 100. Not one ticket won !

So going back to selling just 20 tickets again, I didn’t hold out much hope of a winner.

Guess what? Yes, we have a winner. This time it is the second prize - a getaway from it all weekend for two.

Who’s the winner? Here he is.

Claude the Tiger
I am not sure what the adjudicators will say when they realise that the weekend has been won by a stuffed tiger too young to gamble, but I won’t let on if he takes me with him.

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