Saturday, 9 February 2013

Jobs that take months

This last week started with our electricity being cut off. I don’t mean throw a switch - which they did first, or remove the fuses – which they did as a second, I mean literally cut off. In France there are no half measures. A nice man from the electricity company climbed the pole in our garden and got out a huge pair of cutters and literally cut us off.

Out come the cutters
One gone, three to go

So what had we done to prompt such drastic action? Well nothing actually. For reasons that are beyond our comprehension, the electricity company have decided to replace the 10 or so poles that bring the electrical cables to our house and that means installing new cables. The whole exercise has been going on for months and finally, as of early this week, the lovely new electricity poles in our field are connected by new cables to our house. I can’t say we have noticed any difference, but I am sure that the little electrons rushing into our house are much happier having have travelled more comfortably down the new cables. Only the telephone wire to go and then the old posts will be cut down and removed, now that will be fun..
Installing new cables is not a job for wimps

When the electricity came back on, I was able to get down to things and finally finish the bathroom, another job that has been going on for months. So here is the full reveal. Dah dah!

For more information on our holiday accommodation with a revamped bathroom click here.

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