Monday, 4 April 2016

Technological Changes at La Tuilerie

We offer peace and quiet
We pride ourselves on offering accommodation that guarantees peace and quiet. So that means no more than two people in each gite, no children in a gite unless both are booked by the same party, no TV or noise, just the sounds that nature provides, the frogs in the pond, the cows in the field and the owls in the trees. Doesn’t that sound poetic and idyllic?

It is not everyone’s cup of tea and I understand that, those who want those things need to look elsewhere, but even for some of our guests who do want what we offer, our little island of tranquillity would be just that little bit better if there was a some wifi, to stay in touch with the real world, just in case…

Wouldn't it be nice......
This has been a major problem for us, our old building has walls up to half a meter in thickness and try as we might, experiment as we might, the wifi just won’t go though them. Last year’s experiment brought wifi into the bedroom of one of the gites, but no further.

This has troubled me as I know that even the people who love what we have would sometimes like to continue that game of scrabble with their best friend whilst on holiday in the garden, or send an email to their family to say they are safe and well and to tell them what they have been up to and so I have been searching for a solution for some time now.

I'll only give the password if you want it!
As of last week, I have managed to get hold of the kit that gives wifi in the gites - or so my laptop told me. The proof of the pudding will be our guests' experiences.

Our first guests have just left and they say that they have had no problems with the signal!

So as of now, we officially have wifi in the gites. But if you want to remain cut-off from your work, don’t ask for the password and I won’t tell your boss!

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