Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year in Burgundy

We normally don’t actually celebrate New Year, we are rather boring if the truth be known and not party animals at all, but this year we were talked into going to dinner with some friends, and what a dinner it turned out to be.

In total 20 people were invited, we started at 8 o’clock with crément and aperitif snacks - too many to list here, but all delicious. This was followed by an excellent dry white wine, together with a very good amuse-bouche of lentil and ham mousse in a verrine (a small glass). After that, the starter appeared, fois gras with a pear chutney served with warm toast and a sweet wine from the Alsace. Fish course next, salmon for everyone except me, who was treated to an absolutely delicious pâté, served with a green salad and the original dry white wine. Red wine time now, a local burgundy, with roast beef, roast lamb, boiled ham and carrots, beans, parsnips and roast potatoes.

Fois gras
We were just finishing our main course when midnight was sounded. Out came the champagne, party poppers, pea shooters and silly hats, kisses all round. One set of next-door neighbours arrived shortly afterwards bringing more champagne and then the neighbours from the other side arrived, totalling 35 of us at the most busy point. Good job our friends have a large living room.

Most of the extras left by 1 o’clock and we moved on to the cheese course, an excellent selection made all the more perfect as it included one of my favourites, St Félicien - a small runny, creamy number. Finally the first dessert arrived, mousse-au-chocolat, again in the very cute verrines.

St Félicien
Lots of dancing, lots of chatting, giving and receiving presents, great fun all round.

By five thirty you would have thought we had all had enough, but no, it was time to make some onion soup! All the lads into the kitchen, finding and chopping a couple of kilos of onions and expertly making the soup, making garlic croutons and grating cheese. I had heard that French parties ended this way, but I didn’t really believe it. “Good for the digestion” the lady next to me at the table had said.

Onion soup to round it all off.
So there we were at half past six (yes it took that long to make) eating our onion soup and for those who hadn’t had enough to eat, there was also a strawberry cheesecake.

We found our bed, as everyone left, at 7 am. I think I'll need a whole year to recover from this one.

Happy New Year!

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