Sunday, 13 January 2013

Celebrations and Sad News

The Mayor's speech
This Friday evening we went to the “Voeux du Maire” which is an event held every year, where the Mayor gives a speech celebrating what has gone on in the last year and looking forward for the next twelve months. It is the chance to say “Happy New Year” and kiss, kiss to all your friends and acquaintances, then enjoy a glass or two of crément and a slice of brioche. All very amicable and an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

This year was the same as always, the speech was as expected: the new school is up and running – the kids love it; all the houses have numbers – please use them; the new dustbins are up and running – please recycle as much as possible; thank you for all the hard working volunteers for this, that and the other. Then when he was almost finished, the mayor became very emotional, we actually thought he might begin to cry and then he announced that our village bank machine had been vandalised again, less than one year after the last time this happened.

We were stunned, it was obvious that not all the village had heard the news and so those who knew, told those who didn’t, all the details. This time the thieves were better equipped, better organised and not a little bit cocky. Not only did they remove the whole bank machine and move it to the square outside the church to continue demolishing it to make it easier to transport, but they shouted “we’re bank robbers” at the tops of their voices when they saw curtains twitching.

The Grange Finot
The last time the machine was damaged, a replacement took 5 months to arrive and to be honest, no one has any hope that this one will actually be replaced. So a big thank you guys, I hope you enjoy the couple of thousand you have won at the expense of the whole village and the thousands of tourists who pass through here.

Another piece of sad news reached our ears as well, our favourite restaurant is closing down and moving to Cluny. OK so it is not too far for us to go for a meal, but as The Grange Finot is literally just around the corner, we will be sad to see Serge go.

On the upside, he has sold the restaurant and we are all hoping the new owner will be as good. No dates have been given for the move, but we will certainly be keeping our ears to the ground on this one.

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