Saturday, 3 August 2013

We have “weather” round here

I have often said that we have real weather here, no wishy-washy winters and summers for us, oh no, we have hot or we have cold, we have rain or we have dry, we have wind or we have wind still and last weekend we had the mother of all thunder storms.

This storm went on all day long and we had rain, after rain, after rain. In total we had 82mm or about 3 1/4 inches for you non-metrics. This is about one and a half times the amount of rain we should expect in either July or in August and all that within about twelve hours.

The wave of thunder storms that tore over the area could be seen in all directions and we were really lucky we were not right in the midst of any of them - Bissy sous Uxelles (a couple of villages down from us) was not so lucky. These pictures show you what happens to a church when it gets hit by lightning. The bell is still hanging on by a thread of burned out wood.



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