Saturday, 17 August 2013

Fame at last - well almost

What's that?
As regular readers of my blog will know, I have almost been on TV a number of times since we have come to live in France. Although I appreciate that this is a lot nearer than most people get to being on TV, it has somewhat disappointed me that it has always been “almost”. But now I know why. They have been saving me for the BIG ONE.

This Tuesday we had bagsied our seats at the restaurant La Petite Auberge just before they opened at 12.00 and we were just hovering around waiting, making sure no impudent tourist would steal "our" place on the terrace, when I saw a car coming up the main street, with a large blue blob on top of it. No sooner than I could think to myself “What’s that?” when I realised I had been Google mapped !

Fame at last?
Yes folks, when the new version of Cluny comes on-line on Street View, there I’ll be, staring at the camera like a dimwit. I’ll keep you posted.

For a look at the website, showing our property which can be seen on Google Street View (in the distance, because we are not actually on a proper street) click here.

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