Monday, 26 August 2013

Train spotting

We were up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning and we went off to a railway bridge in Rully. We were going train spotting. When we arrived and before I could get my camera out a TGV went past, blast missed it. Then a goods train came past, which I dutifully photographed. But that was not why we were here.

We were on a steam mission.

Since The Mistral 241P-17 had had her accident a couple of years ago, we thought we would never see a steam train on the rails round here again. But this year she is up and back in business and Sunday morning was the day that she passed near to us. Although I had my doubts when the alarm went off at 06.30, when we heard her toot in the distance, I knew it would be worth it and it was.

The stretch where we waited was long and straight, to give us a good view of her arriving. We saw the smoke a good 2 or 3 minutes before we could see any semblance of a train and then she arrived.

I had forgotten just how exciting steam trains are, they are not machines at all, they are magnificent living creatures, puffing out smoke and fire. I had set the camera on multi-shot, but I must admit I bottled out that the last minute and jumped back when she went right under the bridge, so there is no photo of the cloud that engulfed us as she thundered underneath. And that was it - with a cloud of smoke there she was - gone - on her way to the Jura.

I must be a bit of an anorak because I will certainly be back next year if she is passing.

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