Saturday, 27 July 2013

Steam Day

I love steam engines, they live and breathe, not like something that runs on diesel, petrol or electricity which just chunters away and does it’s job either noisily or smellily or in total silence. Those modern impostors may be as efficient or even more efficient than their steam equivalent, but they are not “real”.

Every year there is a steam day in Digoin, a lovely little town who’s claim to fame is the bridge over the Loire which lets the Canal du Centre continue its path unhindered. That was just the other day and so off we went. We stopped in Salornay sur Guye at the butcher to get some delicious mousse de canard, dried sausage and salads and together with a baguette from La Delice de Cormatin our picnic was ready.

The bench on the canal bridge/aqueduct was just the place to eat our picnic and then we went on to the steam engines and we weren’t disappointed.

The pictures speak for themselves.

Just an aside, we were almost on TV again. This time the cameraman missed his chance to interview us, he possibly found the steam engines more interesting.

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