Friday, 19 July 2013

Restaurant Update

La Petite Auberge - Cluny
So much has changed on the restaurant/bar front this winter, I really thought it time I posted on my blog just what’s been going on.

La Petite Auberge and the Bosphore kebab restaurants in Cluny and the restaurant of Les Blés D’Or in Cormatin are all still in the same hands fortunately, so there is at least some stability in our lives ! But Café de la Poste and La Terasse in Cormatin and Café du Centre in Cluny have all changed hands and La Grange Finot in Bray has moved to Cluny under the new name of La Régalade.

La Terrasse - Cormatin
Firstly La Terasse. Sadly the previous owner has become too ill to carry on working and the restaurant/bar/café has been sold to a young local couple who are serving good “simple” French food. We have eaten there once and they were very welcoming, efficient and the food was very good indeed, for a reasonable price. The terrace has been full almost every day since they opened, so let’s hope it continues to be a success for them.

Café de la Poste - Cormatin
Café de la Poste, was always a bit of a mystery to us, was it a bar or a café, did it serve food or not? Well now it is very clear it is a bar/café and serves snack-like food. They have all the usual snacky kind of things, croque monsieur, frites, quiche, sandwiches etc and they even had “fish and chips” and although I can’t really comment (being allergic to fish) it looked pretty much like the real thing to me. The owner is the husband of the lady who runs the newsagent in town and he mans the bar with their numerous children. They are not truly up to speed as yet, they still have a few logistics problems to iron out. Who takes what order, at which counter are food and drinks orders accepted and who gets served first are issues they should address, as well as the general speed of service. But having said that, the food was good and the service very friendly and it is great to have a place where you can eat something that is not a full meal in town.

Café du Centre- Cluny
Café du Centre, Chez Sissis (Cluny) does appear to have changed hands, we noticed the changes just after Christmas and it seems a bit late now to ask the only remaining, original waitress after 7 months under the new regime. So I will go on gut feeling and say, they have new owners and if not new owners, they have changed their way of working and staff enough to give a noticeable new feeling to the place. The food is more restricted, but the quality is just as good. Instead of one plat du jour every day they have 4 per week, which, if you only want to eat there occasionally, gives ample choice. I do however, miss the opportunity to have one of their “tartes” or “salades” whenever I feel like it. The additional menu is restricted to croque monsieur/madame, steak or steak haché and possibly one or two other things, this is over and above the 4 entrées (which include salads) and the four main courses written up on the blackboards. We are getting used to it, but it isn’t quite the “same”.

La Régalade - Cluny
La Grange Finot in Bray, our favourite, special eating-out place closed early this year and we were very disappointed to see them go, although we knew Serge was opening up a restaurant in Cluny. We have eaten at his new restaurant La Régalade and the standard is certainly the same as before, although I get the feeling the choice is more limited. We were told he changes the menu every 10 days or so, so for that “special meal”, you don’t have to worry that you will have to eat the same thing every visit. The restaurant is certainly more cosy than at the old Grange Finot and we will be going there again, but we do miss having it next door.

So that’s the local restaurant gossip for the time being, there has been an "all change" in Chapaize too, but that will have to wait for another time !

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