Thursday, 16 February 2012

We were on TV….

…and it is all to do with the snow.

OK I’ll explain. As I have written numerous boring times, we are creatures of habit. We do our shopping on a Tuesday. We go to Cluny late Tuesday morning, we do our shopping in the supermarket and then we do various other tasks (Post Office, bank etc) in Cluny high street and then we have lunch at the Petite Auberge. Well this week, with the onset of the thaw, it started to snow and it snowed a lot on Tuesday, no trip to Cluny - we are not braving our track and the road into and out of Chazelle in the snow - so we had to go shopping on Wednesday instead - the plot thickens.

On Wednesday the Petite Auberge is closed, we could have chosen the Bosfore kebab shop but we didn’t, we went to Café du Centre (Chez Sisi) instead - don’t worry I will get to the point in a minute. We sat down, ordered our lunch and one of the owners came in with two men and they started talking - I know it is getting a bit too exciting isn’t it? Then a woman came in with a camera, a big TV camera with France 3 written on the side and she started filming. So there I was eating my quiche Lorraine and chips and being filmed !

Last night we watched the local news and yes there we were, well there you could imagine we were, after all that filming and interviewing, there was a 2 second clip of the outside of the Café du Centre and we were inside at the time.

Now, isn’t that a brilliant claim to fame?

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  1. Hello Sue, we are Di and Mike. We live near Cluny for 6 months a year. But right now, we are finishing our winter stint in the UK. Chez Sisi in Cluny is one of our favorite haunts, and reading about it made us feel very home sick for France. Your blog helps to remind us what we are missing when we are in the UK. Keep it up - daily postings would be ideal.....


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