Saturday, 25 February 2012

Film and TV Awards

With the Césars yesterday and the Oscars tomorrow, film and TV awards are very much in the news, as are we I might add. We are getting very used to being followed by TV cameras after my recent blog and so it was no surprise, when I was collecting tickets at Mâcon station, that the TV cameras were there to register the moment. After I had discovered that I had brought the wrong reference number and retreated in embarrassment from the ticket office, the cameras decided to move on to the platform and film people getting off the train.

As I was being filmed on the platform, watching people getting off a train, a rather handsome, slightly tanned gentleman said “Bonjour” to me and I replied with “Bonjour”. All of this was caught on film, for posterity.

Last night we watched the news and there we were again, not quite shown on the TV. However, Monsieur Jean-Pierre Bel (the chap who was filmed with me on the platform and who just happens to be the president of the Senate) was shown drinking wine in a local wine cooperative, walking round Cluny and then laying a wreath on Madame Mitterrand’s grave. The cameraman must have followed the wrong car because he missed us having lunch in the Chinese in Mâcon and our meeting of the Guitares en Cormatinois last night.

Sadly Monsieur Bel’s real 5 minutes of fame - talking to me on the platform of Mâcon Loché TGV station - was left on the cutting-room floor.

I am putting myself forward for the next film and TV awards, as the most almost on TV person of 2012.

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