Friday, 26 June 2009

New Café - L'Annexe

Real excitement has hit La Tuilerie, the guests in one of the gîtes has notice a new café. Not just any café but one on the Voie Verte, the cycle path that runs through Burgundy on old railway lines or along old tow paths. The guests in question, Jan and Eric, have been here for two weeks and have cycled extensively along the Voie Verte north to Givry and south to Mâcon and they have done many of the “boucles” off the Voie Verte that take you up into the countryside and small villages around here and range from easy to do up to seriously difficult.

L'AnnexeThey have been watching the goings on in a little house on the Voie Verte very near here. The house in question has been in the throws of renovation ever since we came to live here. The last two weeks, under Eric’s watchful eye, there have been strange comings and goings at that house. Firstly a large upright fridge with a glass front arrived, then a huge chest freezer and then (most suspicious of all) a large box, that Eric was convinced was full of parasols, arrived yesterday. On Eric’s outing this morning, the truth was revealed, a gravelled patio with tables chairs and parasols and a sign saying that L’Annexe was open for business! Now all those thirsty cyclists that travel up and down the Voie Verte can stop and enjoy a hot or cold drink and a snack.

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