Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Cormatin Guitar Festival

The first concert was a couple of weeks ago and as usual the season was started off by a concert from Emmanuel RossfelderEmmanuel Rossfelder. His playing is superb and he always enchants the audience not only with his playing and his presence but with his stories about the pieces he includes in his programme. A concert with Rossfelder wouldn’t be complete without “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” by Tarrega which when he plays it you can hear the water trickling down the fountains and over the walls in the Alhambra’s beautiful gardens. This year, unusually the first concert was in the lovely Romanesque church in Malay. I wasn’t convinced that the move from Cormatin church would be good for the event, but the acoustics were much better in Malay and we managed to get comfortable seat as well!
On Saturday might we went to the second concert in the 2009 series. Yet another new venue, this time an open-air concert at the Plan d’eau at Cormatin, rather a chilly night, but it was a nice idea. The group Zancle from Lyon, played mainly folk songs from SicilZancley, the two singers were from that region. They had an accordion/guitar player, flute player/singer, the leader who played the mandolin and a number of different types of guitar as well as being the lead singer and the percussionist who rattled his different types of tambourine with great precision and seriousness. On the whole they were not of the highest standard, the leader of the band certainly had difficulties hearing that his strings were not always in tune, but what they lacked in that department they made up for in enthusiasm and they created a wonderful atmosphere of southern Italy even though it was probably below 15 degrees! I think they were supposed to have a pause in the middle so that we could all sample the food and drinks being sold by the committee members, but they obviously wanted to get home at a reasonable time and just played through. The poor ladies behind the bar were shivering by the time we all arrived to eat their hot waffles and sandwiches!

We will be going to the violin concert in Chazelle church, just a little walk down the road for us, in a couple of weeks. We’ll be taking cushions as the seats are a bit hard there.

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