Monday, 13 July 2015

News embargo lifted

Test version
The post you have all been waiting for !!! The news embargo on what I have been crocheting for the last few weeks, has been lifted. I knew you would be excited.

First design
I think a bit of background info is in order before I give more details.

A few weeks ago, Cees’ son-in-law posted some pictures of a stunning crocheted armband on Cees’ daughter’s Facebook timeline.

 I was asked by her, if I could make something like that and I foolishly said yes, maybe, possibly or something like that – I really can’t remember - but it was definitely a rash comment. Anyway, before I knew it, two tonnes of beads and a thousand kilometres of crochet cotton had been delivered to my house. If that is not throwing down the gauntlet I don’t know what is.

Birthday shock
So I set to, no pattern, just photos and a lot of guess work. My first attempt was a simple one, to get used to crocheting with beads and to see just how many of these beads you need for a bracelet and to see how it was all done. Hence the first one is rather subdued - besides I didn’t think my little wrist would cope with too much more. But I knew that for Cees’ daughter this was not going to satisfy her. So when she was staying with us, the two of us set to, designing something a bit more like the photos. A weekend’s worth of work and I came up with a first design – not bad for a first attempt, but a number of design flaws and boy was it heavy!

I just can't stop.. a little extra for the birthday girl
I have been busily making bracelets since then. The reason for no mention on my blog is that I know that Cees’ daughter follows the blog and I didn’t want to spoil her birthday surprise or should I say shock. Now this is more like it. Colourful and creative, still a couple of flaws, but I am getting there.

But then I got carried away and here is a poppy style bracelet - how many arms does one person have?

This is more my style
I have made myself a less loud bracelet and received a few very favourable comments when it had its first outing to a guitar concert last week.

So onwards and upwards, the sky is the limit - is this a new career move in the making?

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