Saturday, 18 October 2014

Picnics, Buddhists and Magnificent Churches

When we have visitors to stay we always try and take them to places they have never been to do and do things they don’t normally do. When Cees’ daughter arrived with her partner, we had to think up a nice day out with something for everyone.

In my opinion, a day out wouldn’t be a day out without a picnic, so off we went to get to Digoin in time for lunch at one of our favourite picnic spots, the Pont-canal. This is where the Canal Lateral à la Loire crosses the Loire to enable the canal network to be connect through to the Canal du Centre. There are some nice benches there and a lovely view of the bridge and the fast flowing waters of the Loire. An excellent place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

After lunch we headed to another of our favourites, the Temple of the Thousand Buddhas at La Boulaye. Maybe it is not the first place you would take visitors to give them a sample of Burgundian life and culture, but it is such a special place, it is well worth the trip.

Finally on the return leg of our journey, we were passing close by Perrecy les Forges and since that church has been reopened, after a five year closure for refurbishment, I can’t tire of making a quick visit. We are not the only ones either. Every time we visit, there are always one or two locals who pop in for a few minutes, possibly like us to enjoy the majesty of the place, but also to take a look to make sure that it hasn’t been closed again. This time Cees’ daughter got chatting to an old lady who was more than keen to tell her all about the place.

After a successful day out., we headed home to have one final dinner en famille before they headed home.

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