Friday, 20 June 2014

In the heat of the day

Guitar festival - starts Sunday
It has been really hot the last couple of weeks, making us rather lazy, but it is getting so close to the start of the guitar festival, that today we had no other choice but to finally go out and put flyers through letter boxes.

The concerts this year look as interesting and as varied as usual, starting with a violin and a lute on Sunday. The Italian flute players are returning again to play, we have a Mexican guitar player, a Dutch trio of oboes and guitar and the festival ends with a group of Ukranian Banduras.  Not bad for a small town festival.

Delivering flyers
We got up early this morning, to try and get things done before the sun was too high and we managed four villages before we ran out of flyers and had to put a temporary stop on our work.

One of the last houses we delivered to was the “pyramid” in La Bergerie. This house is notorious for its statues of Horus with blood red eyes that scared one of the neighbours’ children and prompted the building of a horrible concrete wall round the whole property!

Contemporary art
The gate to the property has had a sign saying “Exposition espace d’art contemporain” on it for a couple of years now, but the gate has been firmly shut. When we passed today the gate was open and we were able to snap a picture of the contemporary art they have on display. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind about it.

After the second load of flyers arrived this afternoon, we were able to continue and finish Chazelle in time for the first concert this Sunday.

Café Liegeois at Les Blés d'Ors Cormatin
Well after all that work, you deserve a treat don’t you?

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