Sunday, 9 March 2014


Lovely bunch of daffodils, BTW he didn't pick
them, he only posed for me!
It’s that time of year again when wild daffodils spring up in the forests and people turn out in their hundreds to pick them. I can’t bring myself to do it, it is so against everything I was brought up to do, to respect nature and not to pick wild flowers, it is even illegal in England, so quite why it can be done here, I don’t know. But it is done and people in their hundreds come to pick flowers in their thousands and the social clubs for miles around vie for a good place near a parking area on the edge of a forest to sell drinks and food to the punters.

Keep those waffles coming ladies
Friends of ours were manning just such a stall today, so off we went to watch the event from close up.

After eating a gauffre (French waffle) and drinking a glass of wine, we went on our way and being such a lovely day we decided to go for a drive.

At the Tourist Office annual general meeting a week or so ago, we heard what had been done this year with the tourist tax which we collect every year from people who stay in the gîtes or on the campsite. The Merovingien cemetery at Curtil-sous-Burnand, one of this year’s beneficiaries, was not far from where we were looking at the daffodils, so our little expedition was to see how some of that tax money had been spent.

Curtil-sous-Burnand Merovingian graves
The signage at the Merovingien cemetery has been updated and I was very impressed with what they have done. The new signs clearly show how the cemetery is laid out in relation to the hill you are on and the road you have driven on to get there and there is also some very interesting information about that time period and what the archaeologists found when they dug up the site. So well done to all of you who have contributed with this tax and well done to our local group of town councils for upgrading this site.

For information on holiday accommodation near Curtil-sous-Burnand click here.

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