Thursday, 9 May 2013

Weird Weather

Stranded cruise ships in Mâcon
This last year has given us some weird weather, but the last couple of weeks have been the weirdest. I blame the Bank Holidays, so far in May we have had three Bank holidays and we aren’t even half way through yet and as everyone knows, it always rains on a Bank Holiday.

Last week’s rain beat all records. We had about two months’ worth of rain in a couple of days and there was flooding everywhere. Even now - a week after the rain has stopped - the waters in some rivers are still rising. The news was telling us last night that Paris is under threat as the water is finally making its way to the Seine.

Stranded boats on Canal du Centre
But round here we have heard conflicting stories. Twenty five cruise boats on the Saône and Rhone have been stranded at various places because the water is so high that they can’t get under the bridges, but then I saw an article saying that the Canal de Centre has gone dry. How is that possible with so much water? Well it’s simple, they weight of ground water has caused one of the banks to collapse, filling the canal and blocking the flow of water, so one side of the canal has literally run dry. They have no idea when they will have the boats afloat again but it won’t be very soon.

So if you were thinking of a canal boat holiday, think again. Why not come to us instead !

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