Saturday, 2 March 2013

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The daily newspaper of choice round here is the Journal de Saône-et-Loire and rightly so, this quality newspaper covers all the news that is important for us to know about, not only local but also national and international news as well. We are kept updated about everything.

They have arrested the bank machine robbers !
The newspaper of the 1st of March as usual had all the important world events on the front cover. The leading story was that the police have found and arrested the people who stole our bank machine, the second story is that this winter has been the most depressing since 1943 and the third was about some chap who had resigned from his job in Rome.

The big headline gave us a double page spread on how the gang, that stole Cormatin’s bank machine, have been found and how four of the six gang members have been arrested. Now here is an interesting bit of information I gleaned from the article, this gang can remove a bank machine from a wall and make a getaway within two minutes. Their technique has not been very subtle, drive a stolen large piece of machinery into the side of the bank, destroying the walls, use a stolen crane to yank the machine out of the rubble and put it on the back of a stolen lorry and drive off quickly. For that 2 minutes of work, they get between 10 and 50 thousand Euros a go. Because no bank is safe to keep your money in (thanks to them) they had to bury the loot in their back garden, hence the fact that they were found out. Let’s hope that this arrest will encourage the bank to give us a new machine.

Grey sky winter
The weather headline led to a single page article. Meteorically speaking, the winter ended on 28th February, so of course you expect the newspaper on March 1st to update us on all the winter’s weather statistics. This winter has been the wettest on record since 1943, wet weather means clouds and lots of them, so whereas we should have an average of 198 hours in the winter months, this winter we were 40% down on that figure, the least amount of sunlight since 1950. No wonder everyone is calling it a depressing winter. The meteorologists are predicting that it will cheer up soon, let’s hope so.

Benedict XVI waves to the crowds
And finally the third story in the news - the Roman retiree. A small item, buried in the international section of the paper told us that this chap (Benedict) retired from his job in Rome aged 75, apparently he left his last day of work in a helicopter wearing a red cape and brown shoes – him, not the helicopter. No other details, but he must be quite important if he gets a mention in the paper.

So there you have it, news (almost) hot off the press, from our little piece of Burgundy.

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