Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Washing-up Fairy is on Strike

I must admit I believe in anything that makes life pleasant or easy. Father Christmas is great; I learned to love Saint Nicholas when I lived in The Netherlands; the tooth fairy was a wonder when I was a kid and I soon would like to believe in her again. The Easter Bunny is a bit vague for my taste, but given enough chocolate, I am sue I can believe in him too. But in my life I have learned that there are other fairies too. For instance, since I moved to France I have had a washing-up fairy. Amazing, particularly as I HATE washing-up, all the dirty dishes of the day get stacked neatly by the washing-up area (by me I might add) and when I get up in the morning, they are all gone, washed, clean and mostly put away. It is only the complicated things like oven dishes that the washing-up fairy can’t cope with finding a home for.

When Cees was in hospital for three weeks, a couple of years ago, the washing-up fairy was so upset by his absence that she didn’t do her work, but hey, it was only me, I could cope. But since Saturday she has gone on strike. Now I realise that she is French and that this is the summer, but what am I supposed to do??? To make matters worse, Cees has a problem with his Achilles tendon and can hardly walk so he can’t do anything the kitchen either. So here I am stuck with washing-up, cooking, cleaning the toilet block (yes that fairy is on strike too!) and also doing my own chores.

If anyone knows of a fairy looking for household work, PLEASE send her here..

La Tuilerie Website

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