Monday, 21 May 2012

Someone Stole my Cheese

You remember those two lovely fresh goats cheeses I put in my cheese cage yesterday? Well when I got up this morning two-thirds of one had gone !

The burglar had gained access via the side panel of the cheese cage, and hauled one of the cheeses to the edge.

I had my suspicions as to who was responsible for this evil deed, when I saw Fifi with a white blob on her nose. But I wasn't quick enough to get a photo.

Having said that, a good detective doesn’t jump to conclusions, a good detective waits until the criminal returns to the scene of the crime.

I wonder who that is?

The cheese cage manufacturer is refusing to take any responsibility for this break-in, saying keeping Fifis out was not in the specification.

Ah well, there goes my fromage fort.

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