Sunday, 29 August 2010

Camping Championship Results 2010

Well it’s that time of year again folks when the winners of the annual camping contest are announced! Ooh I can feel the excitement in my readers mounting, so I will not prolong your agony any longer. There is of course always the possibility of a last minute surge from some unexpected source, but I will risk it and I am going to announce the winners today.

For those new to this competition I will briefly recap the categories. Category 1 – the longest stay ever; Category 2 – the most cumulative tent nights and Category 3 – the most number of visits.

This year we had no serious contenders in Category 1 with the longest number of tent nights being a paltry 14 so the world champions remain Marilou and Niek with an outstanding and apparently unbeatable 25 consecutive nights way back in 2007, Cees and Bets remain second with 21 nights also in 2007 and third are Coen and Marja with 20 nights in 2009. We really would like to see some serious contenders in this category, it is as if the stamina has gone out of our campers, so come on potential campers, this is record that is crying out to be broken!

In Category 2 there has been some movement, with last years’ winners sadly not being able to come in 2010 due to family circumstances, it has allowed other campers to get within grasp of the title, however the impressive score of 56 tent nights for Johan, Janine and family still proves to be unbeatable. Hans and Joke have made inroads into their deficit, however, they remain second even though they have now clocked up an admirable 48 tent nights, not far to go! Third place stays with Marijke and Dick who also managed to improve on last years’ total and are now up to 39 tent nights. The most impressive change of position came from Janine and Mijntje who have shot up from 8th position to joint 5th, partly helped by bringing their parents with them this time (maybe that is a tip to others to help improve their rating).

Category 3 has shown the most exciting changes. Whilst Hans and Joke remain the all-time champions now up to 6 visits, Janine and Mijntje are snapping at their heals with 5 visits – it really pays to visit us twice in a season, your scores can leap that way. In joint third position we have Dick and Marijke, Bert and Engelien, Kirsty and Angus and Hans, Anja and family all with 4 visits.

Congratulations to all the winners, you can bask in your glory for another year, but don’t be complacent you never know who or what 2011 will bring.

Finally a big thank you to all our campers from the one nighters to the long stayers, you have made this a good summer, even though it was not a record breaking season!

For more information about the campsite and more pictures go to La Tuilerie Website.

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