Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cool Cats of Cormatin

Following on from the long cat sagas I have written on this blog, we regularly get asked by people who have stayed in the gites or on the campsite what the latest news is on the cat situation. So I thought it was time to give a cat update.

 Little Fifi, the kitten that arrived in the summer, is amazingly still here! Even though we have been away on holiday twice for about two weeks, she has attached herself to the house and to us and has decided to stay. While we were away different sets of people arrived every couple of days to top-up her food and water and to give her a little cuddle. To our relief on both occasions when we returned, there she was sitting in the middle of the courtyard squeaking away (she still hasn’t quite cracked a meow yet).

In October we briefly had a second cat. Some good friends were returning to England and were looking for a home for Charbon a very sweet big black fluffy thing. We have more than enough room, so as long as Fifi and he could get along, he was welcome. The fateful day arrived. Charbon, in his box, was duly introduced to his new playmate. She was not very impressed but apart from a quick hiss she just decided to ignore him. So far so good. Charbon was to be let out of his box and I was to give them both some food so that they could have their first dinner for two. However, the cage had been opened before I came out of the front door with the two plates of food and the dinner bell. All I saw of him was his black fluffy tail as he leapt over the fence into the forest and freedom, too quick for Cees to get a photo and never to be seen again. We have gained and lost a number of cats over the last couple of years, but this was the quickest!

So, this is a message to all you visitors to the area, whether you are in Cormatin, Ameungy, Taizé or Cluny and you see a big black fluffy lost-looking cat that answers to the name of Charbon, let us know and we’ll come and get him. In the meantime Fifi is alone with us again, crawling all over Cees’ shoulders, letting him pretend he is a pirate for a few minutes every day - Long John Silver eat your heart out.

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