Saturday, 4 July 2009

Non-changeover day

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It is Saturday morning, I don’t have to dash around and clean the gites and I don’t have to fight for washing-line space with the campers - I have a non-changeover day. I must say it is really nice for a change, but it means that we have no-one in the gites. Well actually that’s not true. We do have a mother and son in one of the gites, they have come to Taize for a long weekend.

They have been watching the website very carefully and spotted a non-changeover weekend and have been monitoring it for a couple of weeks now and last week they Bedroom Gite L'Etable asked us if we would do a long weekend. Great for us and just what they wanted! What I am also very impressed with is that they have been analysing the photos and spotted that the large double bed in L’Etable (the gite with the bedroom upstairs) can be converted into two singles (spot the legs!). So even better for them, two single beds and no need to put the son in a blow up bed on the floor. All they had to do was bring their own duvet and hey presto.

This is not the first time we have had two people stay in that gite in separate beds and it works well. This is our first “Taizé long weekend” and so far that’s working well too.

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