Tuesday, 17 July 2018

New decorations.

Orange sails and chimney candle holders
During the winter months we always choose one part of La Tuilerie to upgrade, it gives us something to do and makes sure that the gites are always up to scratch. This winter’s jobs were to redo L’Ecurie’s bathroom and passageway walls and to finally sort out our own bathroom. While both jobs were extensive, they are nothing compared to the massive renovation that is ongoing in the Church in Taizé. It was a brave soul that decided to redecorate that building!

End of June, no end in sight
I mentioned a few years ago that under-floor heating had been installed and that the body of the church had been redecorated, but this winter’s job was to thermally insulate the east end of the church.

To my great surprise, this has been taken as an opportunity to re-think the decorations. The much loved iconic orange sails have gone along with the chimney brick candle “holders” and multi-coloured cloth squares have taken their place. When I went to check it out at about Easter time the change was disturbing, but I heard it was a temporary design.

Still hard at work
Things have only got “worse” since. The promise of finished work by Pentecoste never materialised and as of the end of June it was covered in scaffolding. When I went yesterday there was still a lifting platform and someone was busily covering up the new blue and yellow expanses with a white insulating wall. It is looking more finished, but I fear there is still a long way to go.

Let’s hope the new version will materialise soon, the last few months have been a bit like praying in a building site.

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